Dhaniya (200 gm)



Organic coriander is a healthful spice that gives a lot of flavor to the dishes you prepare on a regular basis. It gives the meal a particular flavor and is used extensively in curries and gravies.



Q. What Happen When We Eat Dhaniya?

When taken by mouth or inhaled, coriander can cause allergic reactions. Symptoms of such reactions can include asthma, nasal swelling, hives, or swelling inside the mouth. These reactions appear to be most common in people who work with spices in the food industry.

Q. Is Coriander Good For Kidney?

In addition, they contain a small amount of phosphorus, calcium, potassium, carotene, and niacin. These beneficial qualities of coriander leaves help in improving blood sugar levels, boosting immunity, improving heart health, promoting digestion, improving kidney functioning, and more.

Q. Is Dhaniya Good For B.P?

Coriander is an excellent remedy to manage high blood pressure. It is packed with heart-friendly fibers. Studies have claimed that constituents from coriander interact with calcium ions and the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which helps relax tension in blood vessels.

Q. Does Coriander Whiten Skin?

Coriander face pack: Grind the coriander, add milk, add honey and lemon juice and apply on the face. This face pack will leave you with glowing skin.

Q. Is Coriander Water Good For Thyroid?

Drinking coriander water for the thyroid can also stimulate weight loss, thereby treating hypothyroidism. Coriander water also helps to reduce joint pain. Since high cholesterol levels are a symptom of the thyroid, coriander water for the thyroid can also regulate these levels.
Q. Is Coriander Good For Your Liver?
Coriander lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the levels of good cholesterol (HDL). 2. A very good food for the digestive system, coriander promotes liver functions and bowel movements.

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