Red Chilli (200 gm)



Indian recipes benefit from the use of red chili. It’s not only a spice, but it’s also an antioxidant that helps the immune system.


Q. Is Red Chilli Harmful?

Red chillies are usually consumed in powdered form. The process poses the danger of adulteration of the final product. If indigested in excess, red chilli causes internal inflammation, which can lead to peptic ulcer or even stomach cancer.

Q. Is It Good To Eat Red Chilli every day?

They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and various unique plant compounds. These include capsaicin, the substance that causes your mouth to burn. Capsaicin is linked to several health benefits, as well as adverse effects. On one hand, it may help promote weight loss and relieve pain when consumed regularly.

Q. Is Chilli Good For Skin?

Good for skin: Green chillies are a rich source of vitamin E and vitamin C which make them a very good spice for healthy skin.
Q. Is Red Chilli Good Or Bad?
Red chillies help in keeping your immune system healthy and increases your capacity of fighting off diseases. The key to a healthy heart is adding some red chillies to your diet. It helps in clearing blood clots and blockages and thus, keeps heart diseases away.
Q. Does Chilli Burn Fat?
 Adding some spicy hot peppers to a healthy meal isn’t a magic bullet, but it may help you burn a few extra calories and a bit more fat, according to a new study.
Q. Is Chilli Good For Eyes?
They are good for the eyes and skin because they contain a rich amount of Vitamin A. Green chillies prevents free radicals as they are strong anti-oxidants. They are very rich in Vitamin C and plays an important role in the absorption of other vitamins in the body.

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